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Clueless media promotes own guys for cabinet | Delhi Durbar

Clueless media promotes own guys for cabinet

With its speculation about the composition of Narendra Modi’s cabinet failing to show signs of accuracy, the media has taken to beating the drums for its preferred candidates.

Unsurprisingly, since Delhi media believes out of habit that anything repeated often enough would be reflected by decision-makers.

However, even the candidates being drummed up by the media have been asked by the new dispensation to shut up and sit down.

This is because of the perception that various Delhi lobbies as well as media have an interest in influencing the composition of the cabinet and, in particular, getting their own candidates in. To put it mildly.

Media, too, would like to see some old faces in the cabinet because of their proximity to the remnants of the old NDA. A proximity which it does not share with Modi’s team.

A proximity which it would like to have in place with members of the cabinet, not only for the sake of having ‘senior sources’ in the new government but also for the sake of protection of their own commercial interests.

Readers will remember the allegations raised against certain media personalities of facilitating messaging between the leadership of the UPA government and allied parties, if not actual brokering of cabinet positions, which emerged with the publication of the tapes of wiretaps of conversations of publicist Neera Radia.


@ShivAroor Did you felt some thing different in Modi Way of Politics so far compare to UPA govt ??